we are skyscrapers

we are whatever is bigger than skyscrapers
Idris Elba photographed by Anton Corbijn for Vogue

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That’s all you got. You got love and you got death. Death will find you… it’s up to you to find love. That’s where most people fall down at. Death got room for everybody. Love pick and choose.

—August Wilson, Two Trains Running.

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Keep On Pushing - Episode 1

starring my favorite person ever in the striped hoodie. aka, the white guy.

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I’ve never posted something like this before, and I don’t know how big an impact me posting this will have in the long run. This is no “my animal was lit on fire, and needs medical -”  ”my puppy was playing outside and ran into the street -” sob story. But Ilene is a wonderful friend of mine and her kitty’s got liver failure, and it makes me very sad.

There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you”
“put your seat belt on”
“watch your step”
“get some rest”

..you just gotta listen

—i don’t think “drive safe” will ever sound the same.

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